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Native French Freelance Frenchology

I have decided to work as a freelancer after more than 10 years in the Advertising and Production businesses in Paris- where I was born & raised! 


During this time, I slashed* a lot: coordinated/translated many TV commercials production projects, managed Fortune 500 brands as a localization project manager/account director, copy written/placed my voice on many ads, both in French and in English!


Then I thought, if I can do all of this with ease and passion, why not do it on my own?

Who says today you're bound to do just ONE thing?!? 


This is why I have named my DBA, Frenchology. I wanted an organic catch-all term that doesn't limit my services to just one thing as a French native expert in the communication and localization fields. 

French-ology : from the Greek  λόγος, lógos: "knowledge". 


Now, feel free to consult me here for any needs you may have.

Here is a list of services I can provide: Translation, Transcreation, Localization/Localisation project management, Linguistic testing, Transcription, Proofreading, Editing, Validation, Subtitling, Content QC, Online Agile qualitative market research...and Voice over!


À Bientôt ! 

* multitasked


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