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Need a Localization Project Manager?



I have a 10+ years of experience as a global advertising account manager, with several top award winning agencies, working with a number of top international brands.  


I am sure you're curious now ^.^ please find more about my background here:  

Today, with this extensive background localizing global creative content, I can help you as a seasoned localization project manager or a transcreation account manager. 

I understand launching a project worldwide or in a certain region can be challenging and that you may ask yourself many questions…

  • Is my concept going to travel in these markets?

  • Who can translate? How can I find the right vendor or network of translators?  

  • How do you brief a translator? 

  • How much time does to take? 

  • Can I get a final verification stage before I launch? 


…and I can help you with all of that! So let’s discuss about what you need to localize here!

Freelance assignments I have and can fulfill:

Translation and Interpretation Project Manager/Coordinator

Translation Traffic Manager

Localization Project Manager

Transcreation Account Manager

Qualitative Market Research analyst 


         Localization Tip:

Keeping a great sense of humour is a key bonding mechanism when you work in a multicultural environment! 



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