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Need a Native French Proofreader?  


Most projects require a proofreader or an editor to review the translations. It's a team effort to have a fully fluent text. 

This is where I can help you as a French language specialist with the knowledge of my mother country, culture, insights, language nuances, idioms, spelling, grammar and punctuation rules. Mais oui ! 


These are some of the services I can provide you with:


 - Proofreading (language accuracy)

-  Editing, Reviewing (translation accuracy)  

 - Cultural Proofreading (cultural accuracy) 

 - Linguistic Quality Audit (performance accuracy)

 - Content QC (style guides accuracy)



What's YOUR project?  Want to talk about it? 


Please get in touch with me here 


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French Paris Feminine Illustration
Native French Copywriter
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