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Need a Native French Translator? 


Parfait ! I am bilingual and am able to translate your content from English (source language) into French (target language). 

I can also translate the other way around, because as a native French language specialist, I am able to understand the exact meaning and nuance of the source message. Mais oui !   


Here are some examples of what I translate and localize: 


Concepts, Ideas, Strategies (Advertising, Marketing, Digital, PR) 

- PowerPoint, Keynote presentations

- Guidelines, Brochures

- Market research discussion guides (guide, survey, questionnaire)

- Print/Magazine body copies

- Press releases 

- Storytelling:  short stories, plays, poems


Film Production Materials and Promotion (Movies, TV Series, Commercials, Documentaries)

- Storyboards

- Treatments

- Titles

- Tagline, Slogan

- Synopsis

- Dialogues

- Subtitles 


Social Media, Web Elements, Mobile Apps 

- Content localization  

- Website pages 

- Facebook, Twitter posts 

- Web banner ads

- Mobile Apps (content, UI, strings)


Please get in touch with me here if you need a French translation and/or a French localization! 


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Native French Translator
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